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What Happens When BTS Sing About Their Hometowns

voomvoom 2019.11.01 16:15
Photo from online community

Photo from online community

In Ma-City, a song in the album 화양연화 pt.2, the BTS members proudly present their hometowns through the lyrics.

Their influence is unbelievable!


RM - Goyang city

I don't know what to say
나 죽어도 말 못해
내게 억만 금을 주고 딴 데 살라고?
ah no thanks
일산. 내가 죽어도 묻히고픈 곳
It's the city of the flower, city of 몬
집 같던 라페스타 또 웨스턴돔
어린 시절 날 키워낸 후곡 학원촌 uh
세상에서 가장 조화로운 곳 uh
자연과 도시, 빌딩과 꽃 uh
한강보다 호수공원이 더 좋아 난
작아도 훨씬 포근히 안아준다고 널
내가 나를 잃는 것 같을 때
그 곳에서 빛 바래 오래된 날 찾네  
Remember 너의 냄새 또 everything
You're my summer, autumn,
winter and every spring
I don't know what to say
I can't say even when I'm dead
You're telling me to live somewhere else for countless gold?
ah no thanks
Ilsan. The place I want to be buried when I die
It's the city of the flower, city of Mon
Lafesta and Western Dom which were like my home
Hugok academy village which raised me in my youth uh
The most harmonized place in the world uh
Nature and the city, building, and flower uh
I prefer Lake Park to the Han River
It gives me a much warmer hug even though it's smaller
When I feel like I'm losing myself
I find my worn-out self there
Remember your scent and everything
You're my summer, autumn,
winter and every spring
RM's love for Ilsan, in Goyang city, is clearly apparent in his lyrics.
In 2018, as BTS rose to its worldwide famous status, Goyang city noticed his lyrics. and showed their love and gratitude too.
This is a tweet from May 24th, 2018.
Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

Then this September, they prepared an event for RM's birthday.
Photo from Twitter

Photo from Twitter

At Lake Park, which RM mentioned in his lyrics, they prepared a fountain show with Boy With Luv, and the fountain lit up in purple for BTS.

Jimin, Jungkook - Busan

자 부산의 바다여
Say la la la la la
푸른 하늘아래 this sky line
Say la la la la la
아재들은 손을 들어
아지매도 손 흔들어
Ma City로 와
Come to ma city
잘 봐 주길 바래
Know how to party
날 키워준 city
그래 babe babe 이게 나의 city
(Welcome to ma city)
한참을 달렸네
나 다시 또 한참을 달렸네
Yeah i'll be ridin and i'll be dyin'
In ma city, city
Ma city, ma city yeah
Hey sea of Busan
Say la la la la la
Under the blue sky this sky line
Say la la la la la
Men, raise your hands
Women, wave your hands too
Come to Ma City
Come to ma city
I hope you enjoy it
Know how to party
The city that raised me
Yes babe babe This is my city  
(Welcome to ma city)
I ran for so long
I ran again and again for so long  
Yeah i'll be ridin and i'll be dyin'
In ma city, city
Ma city, ma city yeah
The Busan Tourism Organization prepared a Busan tourism guide for ARMYs, celebrating the BTS fanmeeting in Busan.
Jimin's course started from his old school (which used to be Hoedong Elementary School, but is now gone and has changed to Hoedong Maru, an education experience center) to a famous restaurant and cafe. Jungkook's course also started from his old school and consisted of famous sites in Busan around the area.
Photo from online community

Photo from online community

Photo from online community

Photo from online community

The tourism guides enabled ARMYs to both feel the hometown of the boys, while also enjoying famous places in Busan. In fact, the organization's Naver blog where the guides were introduced showed a great number of views compared to the average statistics.

J-Hope - Gwangju

나 전라남도 광주 baby
내 발걸음이 산으로 간대도
무등산 정상에 매일 매일
내 삶은 뜨겁지, 남쪽의 열기
이열치열 법칙 포기란 없지
나 KIA 넣고 시동 걸어 미친 듯이 bounce
오직 춤 하나로 가수란 큰 꿈을 키워
이젠 현실에서 음악과 무대 위에 뛰어
다 봤지 열정을 담았지
내 광주 호시기다 전국 팔도는 기어
날 볼라면 시간은 7시 모여 집합
모두다 눌러라 062-518
I'm Jeollanam-do Gwangju's baby
Even if my footsteps wander off
Every day at the peak of Mudeung mountain
My life is hot, the heat of the south
Fight fire with fire No giving up
I put in KIA and start the engine bounce like I'm crazy
Develop my dream as a singer with just dance
Now I run on music and stage in reality
You all saw I poured passion
I'm Gwangju Hoshik-ie All eight provinces of the country grovel
If you want to see me gather Seven o'clock's the time
Everyone call 062-518 
"Everyone call 062-518" is an extremely meaningful line, since '062' is the area phone number for Gwangju, and '518' symbolizes May 18th - the date of the Gwangju Uprising in 1980. Gwangju citizens protested against the martial law government, fighting for democracy. Many citizens were killed during the movement.
When international fans visited Gwangju for the 2019 SBS Super Concert in Gwangju, ARMYs thought this experience to be particularly meaningful due to J-Hope's lyrics in Ma City.
International ARMYs visited the 5.18 Democratic Cemetery and expressed their condolences before the concert. They also visited the former Jeon-nam provincial government building in Dong-gu, Gwangju, which was their final destination of protest, to honor them.
It is said they also toured Gwangju, visiting tourist spots, and learning dances at the dance academy J-Hope used to attend.
Photo from online community

Photo from online community

Noticing the interests of international fans, the city of Gwangju has announced they are preparing to make a K=pop Star Road, which will have K-pop experience facilities, wall paintings, photo walls, etc. 

Suga - Daegu

대구에서 태어나 대구에서 자랐지
수혈 받기엔 좀 힘들어 몸 속에는 파란 피
이 새끼는 매 앨범마다 대구 얘기를 해도
지겹지도 않나 봐 생각을 할 수도 있지만
I'm a D boy 그래 난 D boy
솔직하게 말해 대구 자랑할 게 별 게 없어
내가 태어난 것 자체가 대구의 자랑 워
그래 아 그래
자랑할 게 없기에 자랑스러워 질 수 밖에 안 그래?
Ayo 대구 출신 가장 성공한 놈이래
이런 소리를 들을 거야 잘 봐라 이젠
내가 대구의 자랑 새 시대 새로운 바람
대구의 과거이자 현재 그리고 미래
I was born and raised in Daegu
It's a little hard to give a blood transfusion My blood is blue
That guy talks of Daegu in every album
You might think 'Isn't he bored?' But
I'm a D boy Yes I'm D boy  
Honestly speaking Daegu doesn't have much to be proud of
The fact that I was born there is Daegu's pride wuh
Yes ah yes
You have to make them proud because there's nothing to be proud of, right?
Ayo, They say I'm the most successful guy from Daegu
Look closely now, that's what I'm going to hear
I am Daegu's pride New era New wind
Daegu's past, present, and future
Daegu also noticed Suga's lyrics and prepared to build a themed road for Suga, though their plan was turned down by BigHit Entertainment
Ma City was released in 2015 but is having great impacts on the cities introduced now as BTS becomes so famous worldwide.
The pride that the members had for their hometowns has now flipped, and their hometowns are proud of them!
By Julie Yim and Bongbong voomvoomk@gmail.com
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